Army Painter - Mega Paint Set

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This robust miniature painting kit includes 50 hand-selected Army Painter paints plus a free durable regiment detailing paintbrush!

What’s Included in the Mega Paint Set? 

The model painting set contains 39 non-toxic acrylic paints, 5 metallic warpaints, 4 quick shade Army Painter washes, and 2 effects paints. The figure painting kit also includes a specialty regiment detail paintbrush, perfect for pros and beginners. 

Not sure how to begin? No problem! This set comes with a detailed painting guide that will take you from novice to master in no time.

What Makes the Army Painter Model Paint Set Special? 

It all comes down to consistency and color pigment selection. Each bottle in the miniature paint set contains 0.6 oz/18ml of high-quality paint. Each possesses a special balance as to not be too thick or too watery. Feel free to use the paint as is and marvel at your painted creations or use it and spray with your air brush tool and do more with sprayed paint. This ideal viscosity (along with the triangle grip paintbrush) gives the painter exceptional control and usability. No need to purchase a gallon of paint to complete your projects!

This is one of the highest quality and most popular miniature paint sets on the market. It’s designed for Military Paint, Reaper Miniatures, BattleTech miniatures, Warhammer 40K figures, Military Vehicle Paint, and other wargame models. All the paint, metallic paints, and washes included in this deluxe paint set will show beautifully and last for many years. 

This is the Mega Wargames Paint Set 

This deluxe mini paint kit includes the best of other popular Wargame’s mini painting kits, such as: Warpaints Starter Paint Set, Skin Tones Paint Set, and Metallic Colors Paint Set. This set has you covered whether you’re painting worn green  bootstraps, muddied hands, shining gun metal, etc. Maybe you’re painting that additional gloss to a magical armor or alien weaponry. Maybe you’re creating a scene with fair-skinned and dark-skinned combatants from different countries. There’s no limit to the fantastic, realistic results you can achieve.

With just one coat, your wargame miniatures will be brought to life for many years to come. You’ll be proud of your painting accomplishments with The Army Painter Mega Paint Set.

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