Begun the Clone Wars have in X-wing

Begun the Clone Wars have in X-wing

One of the largest changes in Star Wars X-wing 2.0 is the increasing of the number of factions from three to seven.

One of the largest changes with Star Wars X-Wing 2.0 is the fact that there are now seven factions instead of three. The Resistance and First Order were pulled out of the Rebel and Empire faction respectively to form new factions. The Republic and Separatist factions are brand new and the main factions getting the bulk of new ships at the moment. The main reason for this is to catch them up to the other factions.  Let’s dive into what this does for the game as a whole.

The Clone Wars factions play very differently than the other factions on a number of levels. They also have introduced new upgrades that can be used across factions. Now if you want to stay with only one faction that is definitely easier than it was in 1.0. Most cards will be released in card packs or future expansion for that faction. The great part of all these different factions is the amount of list and combination have increased exponentially. This leads to a very healthy meta and allows both casual- and tournament-level players to have a better play experience.

Let’s take a second and talk at a high level about each faction. The Rebels really are still who they were in 1.0. They are one of the best factions at utilizing synergies among the pilots. They have a number of named pilots who pass tokens or give actions to friendly ships. They also benefit from high hull and shields, but have low agility. If you are someone who hates basing all your survival on finicky green dice, this is a great faction for you.

The Empire is still the faction that can swarm TIEs and use high initiative aces to flank you very quickly. They have a lot of options and can fill every role needed. Darth Vader with a mini swarm of four TIEs is a very strong list that can hold its own against any enemy. If you want to bring a true swarm of seven or more fighters, the Empire still excels at that as well.

If you like playing with tricks and underhanded tactics, then Scum is where it's at. They can fill many different roles with a ton of options. They have a lot of named pilots who have abilities and upgrades that just straight up mess with and hurt your opponent. They have the least synergies of any factions, but that’s ok cause their ships are solid and can fill multiple roles themselves. Boba Fett and Fenn Rau are still some of the best aces out there. This team also has some great cheap options to swarm their opponents at times as well.

The Resistance faction relies heavily on their advanced X-Wings and A-Wings. They have some great aces as well as some of the best mid-initiative pilots in the game. They also have a strong support ship to help aid your squad. With pilots like Poe, Finn and Rey, this is a faction that has some amazing pilot options.

The First Order is a lot like the Empire at first glance. TIE Fighters and aces are where this faction shines. The First Order arguably boasts the best ace in the game with Kylo Ren. His TIE Silencer is fast, and coupled with his ability is deadly. They also have other strong aces but can excel in swarms as well. Don’t sleep on their support options either.

The Republic has some of the best aces in the game. The Jedi are here and have a wide variety of skills. Aces like Anakin and Obi-wan are also very expensive to keep them in check. The Republic also does very well with a list of four to six ships. They call upon the Republic work horses, the clones themselves. They help each other out and have great synergy on the table. A common list you will see is one Jedi with some clones. The Jedi either will support the clones or act as a true ace/flanker while the clones hold the line.

          The Separatists are a droid army. That is not to say that they don't have some great aces as well, but the strength of this faction is pure numbers. They can field a surprising number of droid ships. These droids use integrated networks to share tokens and swarm their opponents. They can land on asteroids and pivot themselves back in a different direction. They have strong named pilots like Darth Maul and General Grievous among many others, and can launch buzz droids onto their opponent’s ships to wreak havoc.

          With new ships coming out regularly and packs to add pilots, bombs, obstacles and missions, X-Wing 2.0 can be played in many different ways. Whether you are a prequel fan, original trilogy fan, sequel fan or all the above, X-Wing 2.0 has something for everyone. Each faction has its own identity and a number of different archetypes they can field at any point. We will talk about another game mode called Epic Play in our next article. Until then, May the Force Be with You.


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