Flesh and Blood: Heroes Here to Stay

Flesh and Blood: Heroes Here to Stay

New game design powerhouse Legend Story Studios has built its latest Flesh and Blood design on a solid foundation - and that house is not going anywhere, any time soon.

Flesh and Blood was released into the wild on Oct. 11, 2019, ensuring that date will go down in TCG history. The hero-centric fantasy card game, designed and released out of New Zealand, didn't hit the scene to thunderous applause or awaiting crowds, but rather found its way into curious players' hands under the radar. Despite claims that grabbed the attention of collectors around the world (an extremely limited first edition print run, print numbers alleged to be near that of the original release of Magic: The Gathering's Alpha set, as well as card rarity at its most extreme representing a 1/40 booster box pull rate), Flesh and Blood shined where TCG's matter most - the tabletop.

The newly released TCG quickly found a devout player base through the use of immersive, reactionary combat mechanics, as well as astonishing card art. Small pods of players had the option to explore gameplay mechanics without the fear or limitation of strict competitive play, allowing for true creativity and, most importantly, fun to prevail. As the community grew, players turned into collectors, and set an early market for some of the game’s most unique cards.

Early adaptation of a new printing and foiling process produced cold foil cards, which presented a wondrous visual effect on some of the game's most powerful cards. While some common cards could be found with this new effect, the most popular of the cold foils would be the legendary rarity cards. With a presumed rarity of one card per booster box case, legendary cold foils are coveted as powerful game tokens as well as astonishing collector pieces. The drive to obtain some of the game's most beautiful and powerful cards would cause the first product rush in Flesh and Blood's short history. The growing community began to soak up the limited first edition game pieces and the availability of the desirable cards shrank while prices began to skyrocket.

If not for Legend Story Studio's release of an unlimited print edition, Flesh and Blood could have fallen into the hands of "evil cardboard investors/collectors," stunting the game's availability, and taking the now valuable cards out of the hands of the players who couldn't wait to build their latest decks. The "rules" surrounding the printing of this unlimited edition gave both players and collectors reasons to be excited for the future of Flesh and Blood, as it put the cards into the hands of its players at cheaper price, while promising to preserve the unique nature of collector cold foils - limiting them to first edition printing only. As almost all TCG players find themselves part player, part collector, this delicate balance took the game to the moon - easily tripling the number of game pieces available to the exploding Flesh and Blood community. 

As of today, Legend Story Studios is entering its fourth set release with Flesh and Blood: Monarch, and the gaming community is on fire. With first edition boxes representing a price more than four times that of suggested shelf price, and an unlimited edition claimed to have enough product to occupy its now huge player base, the entire community from player, to collector and everywhere in between is abuzz with the latest, news, spoilers and speculation. The message boards of each major region from North America, to Oceania, all the way to the New Zealand region of origination, sport hundreds of new posts each week while game stores all over the world are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the latest hit TCG.

More than a game, Legend Story Studios has carefully and meticulously created a community of passionate and fun loving individuals. The hard work of the New Zealand-based development studio has paid off and it is safe to say that Flesh and Blood has deeply impacted the TCG universe; and is here to stay.


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