Flesh and Blood is starting to hit the US market!

Flesh and Blood is starting to hit the US market!

Flesh and Blood is a TCG where players take on the role of a hero, using a wide variety of equipment, skills, and abilities to engage in epic adventure. Here we plan to discuss the game and help keep you informed on this card game as is grows!!

Flesh and Blood TCG is hitting the US market and is a card game to be excited about!

Right before a global pandemic is not the optimal time for a new product release. Especially for a game that at its core is meant to bring people together. Yet that is what Legend Story Studio's faced with their release of Flesh and Blood...a tradable card game where players construct decks to represent heroic figures facing off in epic combat.

After spending 7 years developing it, we are sure the folks at Legend Story Studios were excited for its global release in Oct. 2019. Then came 2020. Now most in-store game play in the US is on hold, or severely slowed, and packed tournaments are still some time off in the future. This has been hard on everyone, especially the new card game from New Zealand. The name Flesh and Blood stems from the desire to get people together, in flesh and blood, to play games. This ideology is near and dear to our hearts as well, and even in 2020 we think that will be a winning philosophy!! It may take some time, but we are confident this game will bring a lot of fun!!!

So, what do you need to know?

Three sets of Flesh and Blood have released to date: Welcome to Rathe, Arcane Rising, and the newly released Crucible of War. When a new set releases, the initial release wave is a First Edition set (or Alpha). All future reprints for the set will be considered Unlimited editions. The initial set (1st edition) will contain frosted foils in addition to the normal rainbow foils included in the Unlimited editions. This can appeal to card collectors out there while also allowing card players access to all the good cards that make games fun!!

Four Hero Starter decks released, but according to Legend Story Studio’s website they are now out of print. Unfortunately, we sold out quickly. We are working on trying to recreate those decks and hope to offer solutions soon. We also received several copies of the demo deck retailers had access to, named Ira, which is a helpful way to learn the basic elements of the game. We will dive more into game play in future posts!!

We are happy to say that we have all three sets in stock on our webstore, including a healthy supply of First Edition Crucible of War boxes. Our distribution partner has also told us we have some promotional items coming!!

This game plays fun, true to form of heroic combat, and the quality of the art and foiling is amazing!! We are so excited and hope you are too!!!

So, as we wait for the current health concerns to pass, get ready and Welcome to Rathe...

Check out the official Flesh and Blood webpage to find out more https://fabtcg.com/ 


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