Ready...BLITZ! FaB Delivers!!

Ready...BLITZ! FaB Delivers!!

Flesh and Blood is a beautifully illustrated, incredibly deep, collectible card game by Legend Story Studios. Blitz is a quick battle format that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

We ran our 4th live event for Flesh and Blood yesterday and this game was released in October of 2019! The delay was not caused by the slow growth of an okay game, rather the persistence resembling that of an unwavering hero!! As we hopefully come to the tail end of this pandemic, not only has Flesh and Blood endured, it is exploding forward!!!

Our events are still small as we consider the well being of our community but eight participants still made for a great evening. The heroes represented were: 2 Ira decks, 2 Kano decks, Dash, Bravo, Dorinthea and Viserai. Ira took the top seat over Kano and everyone had fun. It is easy to tell when everyone enjoyed themselves when all are chatting away at the end of the event, retelling this play and that play, and almost everyone has an 'if only' that prevented them from the top spot!!

The format we played is called Blitz. It is a tighter, quicker version of the base game. Most heroes in a full game have roughly 40 health. It can vary depending on their abilities, going a little higher or lower, to provide balance. In Blitz, most heroes have 20 life. Deck building varies slightly as well, with full decks allowing 3 copies of each card, to fill a 60 card deck. Blitz decks are 40 cards and only 2 of each card type is allowed. Each round in Blitz is 30 minutes and it is a one and done match...winner take all. Even a tie is worse than a loss in tournaments. Apparently heroes dislike an unfinished bout more than losing, and we tend to agree!!

So what do we think of this game after finally being able to start sharing it with our community? We love it!! Matches feel so close. You find yourself creeping to the edge of your seat, whatever nervous tick you have will flare up, and in FaB everything is broken!! If you have played a game where one mechanic or character was broken, and couldn't be stopped, well it is all broken in FaB and that helps make it so exciting!! No one character is overpowered, they all are!!!

We will dive into game play more as we grow. We will gather thoughts from those in the community that are willing to take the time to share their experiences, and present them to you in this blog. We hope you take the time to investigate the hype of this game as Flesh and Blood is truly a fun and exciting. If you are close enough to our location, please stop in so we can show you more. If you are further away from us, move!! Haha. Just kidding, there are plenty of outlets online to learn, and you can always call us if you have any questions. Until then, Happy Gaming!!!



  1. Michael McFarlin Michael McFarlin

    I love all the complex decisions you have to make in this game! I definitely see why everyone is talking about it. It Certainly seems like it has some legs. With Monarch releasing, seems like a great time to check it out!

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