Stepping it Up with Lumineth-Realm Lords!

Stepping it Up with Lumineth-Realm Lords!

New and improved Lumineth Realm-Lords are decimating their foes across the mortal realms...

After Games Workshop released the Lumineth Realm-Lords for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar last year, these aelves, following the teachings of the twin-god Teclis and giving pieces of their emotions to power their aetherquartz crystals, have decimated their foes across the mortal realms. As if the crushing might of the Spirit of the Mountain, the perfect precision of the Vanari Sentinels and Wardens, or the magical prowess of the Scinari Cathallars wasn’t enough, the followers of Teclis are set for a second wave release. Meet the new and improved Lumineth Realm-Lords:

Vanari Bladelords

The Vanari Bladelords are the first new addition to the army, these aelves are the martial perfection of Teclis’ people and have sworn to protect the aleven wizards with their lives. However, given the perfection that all aelves strive for and the devotion of the Bladelords to their calling, it rarely comes to the point where the Bladelords actually are forced to lay down their lives in their service.

The Twins Ellania and Ellathor

The twins Ellania and Ellathor are two of the greatest prodigies of their people. Due to their immense talents, Ellania and Ellathor are tutored personally by the twins of light themselves, Teclis and Tyrion, respectively. We will no doubt see the skills of each of the gods of Hysh in both Ellania and Ellathor, but this will no doubt mean they will gain some of their teachers’ flaws too!

Haruakan Spirit of the Wind

Last but certainly not least, we once again see the spirits of Hysh itself coming to the aid of the Realm-Lords. The Haruakan Spirit of the Wind is a fox-like creature empowered by the wind spirits of the realm of Hysh that lends a unique blend of magical and martial power to the Realm-Lords.

With the next phase of Broken Realms following Teclis taking the wrath of the Lumineth in an attack against Nagash, we know the Archmage is going to need all the help he can get! But we all know that in the Mortal Realms, things rarely go according to plan, even for gods like Teclis and Nagash...


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