Campaign for President Deluxe Edition

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Campaign for President is a lighthearted card game for ages 8 and up and designed to play with 3-6 players in around 30 minutes. Each player is a candidate for the American presidency, battling one another for voters. The candidate with the most voters on Election Day is the winner. Candidates strive to Rally support attracting new voters each turn, while avoiding having their support in Waver which causes a player to lose voters. 

  • 185 Action Cards with 131 Unique Designs. Pick and choose to play with as many or as few of the expansion cards as you wish for thousands of different game-play combinations.
  • Deluxe Version Includes both Original Game and optional Campaign Staff, Incumbent & Staff Expansions
  • 66 Punch Tokens, 12 Red, White & Blue Dice, 6 Voter Screens
  • Non-Partisan, fun for the entire family.
  • 3 to 6 players, Ages 8 and up.
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