Star Realms: Cosmic Gambit

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Cosmic Gambit

Victory awaits him who has everything in order…luck, people call it. – Roald Amundsen

Harness the fortunes of war, and take advantage of the tranquility of peace.  Master your fortunes and rule the cosmos!

The second Gambit expansion works like the first: two gambit cards are dealt to players at the beginning of the game (when combined with the original Gambits, players will be dealt one of each). Players keep their Gambit cards in front of them until they choose to use them. Some of the Cosmic Gambits have two abilities!

This expansion contains 9 Gambit Cards: Acceptable Losses, Asteroid Mining, Gray Market, Exploration, Hidden Base, Rapid Deployment, Glorious Return, Two-Pronged Attack, Veteran Pilots.

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