Arkham Horror LCG War of the Outer Gods Scenario Pack

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A cataclysmic war has engulfed the earth—a war between three arcane cults, each seeking to bring their own loathsome master into the world. The Cult of Silenus looks to the stars, the Cult of Magh’an Ark’at seeks to hatch a horrid egg, and the Cult of Ezel-zen-rezl calls the great swarm forth from the burning pit. These cults battle each other across the streets of Arkham and beyond, and you and your fellow investigators are caught in the middle. Do you stand a chance of stopping three cults at once?

War of the Outer Gods is a new scenario pack for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, challenging you and your fellow investigators with the battle of a lifetime as you struggle to stop three warring cults from tearing our world apart. Whether you choose to weave this scenario into a larger campaign as a side story or join other groups of players in Epic Multiplayer Mode, War of the Outer Gods offers a challenge unlike any other.

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