Caverna: The Cave Farmers - The Forgotten Folk

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Cave Goblins, Dark Elves, Elves, Humans, Mountain Dwarves, Pale Ones, Silicoids and Trolls... much to compete with for our little Dwarfs from the base game (and don't forget the Halflings and Adventurers from our promos)! One thing is sure though: Alex Wilber has a vivid imagination when it comes down to creating new folks for Caverna. Fortunately he was kind enough to send the rules for all these folks, too. And what rules these are: Mountain Dwarfes can build over the tableau border (but only on the cavern side), Elves live in such harmony with nature that they don't need pastures or fields and many more surprises are awaiting you. Additionally every folk comes with four distinct furnishing tiles (which replace buildings from the base game) which are aiding theiry specific abillities. Don't worry though, these tiles are not reserved for the folk and the dwarfes, clever as they are, might be able to snatch such a beneficial tile for themselves. All in all this expansion is packed with variaty and promises a lot of exciting new experiences with Caverna!

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