Animal Upon Animal Memory Stacking

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  • A unique take on a traditional Memory game. The basic premise is to remember the order of the tower of animals. Seems simple, right? But, due to a pesky crocodile who keeps disrupting the order, it’s not!
  • The thrill of trying to not knock down the tower as it grows is another exciting aspect of the game that kids will love. Who can create their own animal tower lighthouse with the glow worm on top and stack the animals in the correct order?
  • The animal lighthouse tower is only successful if all the animals climb on top of each other in the correct order without falling over!
  • Part of HABA's most popular game series. Made of high quality printed wooden game materials. Fun for the whole family. 2-4 Players. Playing Time: about 15 minutes.
  • Game contents include: 19 animals (= wooden cylinders), 1 game board, 4 stacking picture templates, 1 die, 1 pouch, 1 set of instructions. Made in Germany.
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