Legendary Encounters DBG: ALIEN Covenant Expansion

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Introducing Legendary Encounters: Alien Covenant, the 2nd expansion to the best-selling Legendary Encounters, An Alien Deck Building Game. Based on the movie Alien Covenant, this expansion ratchets up the intensity with all-new Aliens to contend with as well as the sinister David 8. With the new Covenant keyword you'll be able to recruit even more cards for your deck than before. But you'll need all the help you can get with the increased difficulty of the scenarios you'll face.

Packed full of content, including a new hive, more Avatars, Strikes, Drones and Agendas, customize your Legendary Encounters deck building experience to create terrifying new scenarios. And as always, work together or die trying!


The Legendary Encounters: Alien Covenant expansion set includes:

  • 200 Playable Cards feaeturing original artwork
  • 1 Rulesheet
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