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Farmini - Build your farm, protect your animals against the wolf and become the best farmer!

Farmini is a small connexion card game for 1 to 4 players, for 5 years old and older. The setting up of Farmini only takes a few seconds: each player places a farm in front of them.  And you place the four cards to start and the pile in the middle of the players. The game can begin!

The most impressive about Farmini is that the game works very well with 5 year olds. The children assimilate the games quickly and understand the necessity not to confuse the animals and the corn. Children can discover the game very intuitively and can fully master it after a few minutes. So much so, the game becomes addictive, since the kids often want to do a series of games to create the prettiest farm. No matter how old the players are, everyone will have a lot of fun realising these small farmings. 

 Farmini also has two variants of the game that will elongate its duration. The first one grants a significant bonus to the pens that do not mix animals. It is up to you to prioritize having small pens and to leave empty spaces while waiting for the animal cards to show up.

The other variante enables you to place solo against a score grid. It’s perfect to work on your technique and create placement strategies that will be very useful when playing with other people

Farmini is thus ideal to discover the basics of future connexion games that necessitate placement intelligence and risk taking. Easy to take with you everywhere, to be set up, quick and fun to play, it’s hard to find something wrong with it.

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