Flamecraft - Wooden Resources Series 2

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Upgrade your game with these deluxe Flamecraft: Wooden Resources - 2nd Printing! Crafted by the dragons of Flamecraft, these custom-painted and silk-screened goods will enchant your town!

  • DELUXE UPGRADE: Enhance your Flamecraft experience with this deluxe set of custom-painted wooden tokens.
  • CRAFTED BY DRAGONS: Crafted by the dragons of Flamecraft, these tokens add enchantment to your tabletop town.
  • CUSTOM-PAINTED DESIGN: Each of the 210 wooden tokens is custom-painted and silk-screened for a high-quality finish.
  • CLEAR RESEALABLE BAGS: Tokens are conveniently packaged in clear resealable bags for easy organization and storage.
  • VARIETY OF DESIGNS: Enjoy at least 35 tokens of each design, providing ample resources for your tabletop adventures.


  • A set of 210 wooden tokens each in clear resealable bags
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