Great Western Trail 2nd Edition

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Epic adventures await you on the Great Western Trail! 19th century America never looked so breathtaking!

Great Western Trail Second Edition marks the return of Alexander Pfister’s epic strategy masterpiece with new cool features and new components for an even greater journey! Buy the most valuable cows to deliver the best cattle to Kansas City’s train station. From there, bring them to New York to earn money and points to become the best rancher!

Hire cowboys, builders and engineers to get closer to your goal. Find cows which increase your cattle, value construct buildings to get more actions, and ride your train to reach the farthest cities. With an abundance of strategies, plan all your actions wisely and make the most out of every decision to find the trail to victory!

1-4 players
Ages 14+
75-150 minute play time

1 game board
4 herders
4 hats
4 engines
4 player boards
4 player count tiles
56 coins
1 job market token
12 exchange tokens
92 cattle cards
24 Simmental cattle cards
28 objective cards
54 worker tiles
18 hazard tiles
22 outlaw tiles
3 bags
56 player discs
4 certificate markers
1 Simmental market tile
9 station master tiles
55 building tiles
1 specialization tile
1 scoring pad
1 rulebook
1 Appendix
1 solo mode Rulebook
15 Sam’s cards
1 Sam’s board

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