Midnight - Game Master's Kit

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On the edges of the lands occupied by the forces of the evil god Izrador, a detachment of orc legionaries search for weapons hidden by resistance fighters. If they discover the cache, they will scour the lands for hidden rebels, and put the nearby village to the torch. Can you beat the orcs to the hidden weapon store and move it before they arrive? Or will you take the fight to the Shadow’s legions, no matter the risks to the surrounding lands?

The Midnight Game Master’s Kit presents a self-contained adventure perfect for characters just beginning their adventures in the lands of the Shadow. It also includes a number of random encounter tables for the different lands of Eredane, so that you can always build encounters on the fly, and a high-quality Game Master’s screen that allows you to hide your notes and contains commonly referenced rules and charts to keep your games flowing quickly and smoothly.

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