Monsieur Carrousel

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In the game the players get to put together a beautiful, wooden, spinning carrousel to use in the game. Children are absolutely fascinated by it. The game set up is much quicker than it seems.  All of the wooden pieces are high quality, well painted, and sized perfectly for children’s hands. These all fit into their recessed sections on the board and carousel, keeping them nicely in place.

Even  though it is a simple game, there is a lot going on for children. However, it is just the right amount to not overwhelm its young players. It teaches children different ways of remembering things. Maybe we want to put the child named Liam on the lion because it kind of sounds the same or the girl holding the apple on the pony so she can give it the apple. Some of the strategies that children come up with to do well in the game also happen to be good memory tools to learn early on. 

 All in all, while the material is high quality, the goal and takeaway of this memory game are just as valuable. Monsieur Carrousel challenges children to remember the choices that they have made throughout the game. It takes about 15 minutes to play, sometimes less depending on how quickly you can place kids on the carousel. This amount of time is just right for young children with short attention spans.

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