Ninja Academy

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Your training alternates collective trials and duels, in a series of varied tests drawn randomly. But whether you are challenging the whole group and head-to-head with another ninja, there will be only one rule: be the best at your trial!

For example, try to be the first player to place a Ninja meeple on each of your fingertips! Try to guess how many ninjas your opponent put in the box just by
shaking it! Be the quickest to assemble 5 wood logs vertically!

Be strong enough to collect points depending on your score, but be also strategic enough when you bet on the winner of each duel!

Ninja Academy is a hilarious, fast-paced and highly replayable new dexterity game!


- 10 Ninja pawns
- 10 wood logs
- 3 order cards
- 20 trial cards
- 4 tatami cards
- 30 victory point tokens
- 1 rulebook

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