Railroad Ink Challenge: Lush Green Edition

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Railroad Ink Challenge™ has everything you love from the original Railroad Ink games and a lot more, with an all-new focus on player interaction. Roll the dice and draw the routes to connect the exits around your board. Expand your network with railways, highways and stations to collect points, but you will be penalized for any open connections, so plan carefully!

Roll the special Forest dice to create placid forest landscapes, or use the Trail dice to weave scenic mountain paths andbuild a beautiful arboreal paradise, with the Lush Green Edition!
★ A different set of goals will be available each time: no game will be the same!
★ Draw unprecedented, mind-bending route configurations thanks to the new dice!
★ Connect special structures to your network to trigger new effects...use them wisely and you'll score big!

• 4 Route dice
• 2 Forest Dice
• 9 Goal Cards
• 4 Boards
• 4 Markers
• 1 Rulebook

Ages 8+, 1-4 players, 30 minutes

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