Sid Meier's Civilization - A New Dawn: Terra Incognita

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Beyond the borders of your nascent civilization, a great unknown
awaits—a vast expanse of empty map, sparsely decorated with
sketches of fantastic creatures and “here be dragons.” As you
advance through the ages, your civilization will sprawl outward into
these new lands, encountering other nations like your own, but your
civilization will never get there if not for the brave explorers who first
venture out beyond the familiar...
This new expansion is packed full of content to push the boundaries
of your civilization in every game. With Terra Incognita, you now have
the option to explore your surroundings, exploring new environments
and dynamically constructing the board as you play. Districts sprawl
out from your cities to unlock new powers, new forms of government
give your civilization an edge, combat has been redefined with the
addition of armies, and ten brand-new leaders more than double the
number of civilizations you could play in any game! Add in the fact
that you can now play with up to five players, and Terra Incognita
becomes an indispensable addition for every fan of Civilization: A
New Dawn.

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