Sky Team

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Sky Team is a cooperative limited-communication game, exclusively for 2 players, where you play a pilot and co-pilot at the controls of an airliner. Your goal is to work together as a team to land your airplane in different airports around the world.

From Montreal to Tokyo, each airport offers its own set of challenges. Watch out for the turbulence, it could end up being bumpy ride!

★ Cooperative game for two players only, which requires a lot of trust and clear communication between pilot and co-pilot.
★ Unique components and stunning illustrations add to the immersive gameplay that makes you want to take to the skies.
★ Progressive difficulty levels with various airport tracks that provide different challenges based on the airports' real life characteristics.

• 1 Control Panel
• 1 Airplane Axis disc
• 8 dice
• 2 Player Aid screens
• 1 Altitude track
• 1 Approach track
• 17 tokens
• 3 markers
• 10 switches
• Additional content
• 3 booklets

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