Talisman: The Woodland

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For the first time in endless ages, the mystic Woodland has returned from beyond the mortal realm. Wealth and powers past comprehension can be found among the towering trees and along the twisting trails of the forest, but dangers skulk there as well. King Oberon and Queen Titania, ageless rulers of the fae, will not brook invasion of their realm lightly.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Woodland, a new expansion for Talisman Revised 4th Edition! The unearthly Woodland is the home of the fae, and beneath its watchful boughs, you’ll uncover treasures and threats beyond your wildest dreams. You’ll find new Alternative Endings as five new characters join the quest for the Crown of Command, but will your path through the Woodland lead you to your destiny, or does your fate hold something far different in store?

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