Unicorn Glitterluck: A Party for Rosalie

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Yippee! A new unicorn, baby Rosalie, is coming to Cloudland! The unicorns Glitterluck, Stardust, Marvel Flower, and Magic Swirl want to give Rosalie a fantastic reception and throw a huge welcoming party. Help the unicorns cooperatively find all the friends, get them to the party cloud and collect all ten cloud crystals! Hurry, everything needs to be ready before baby Rosalie arrives at the surprise party. A cooperative movement and collecting game. 

Part of the Unicorn Glitterluck series theme. In this cooperative/collecting game, children either win together when they beat Baby Rosalie to the party with all 10 cloud crystals, or lose together if Baby Rosalie reaches the party first.


  • 4 unicorns: [Glitterluck (hot pink) Stardust (yellow) Marvel Flower (purple) and Magic Swirl (turquoise)]
  • 1 baby unicorn - Rosalie (pink)
  • 1 die
  • 1 game board with spinning arrow
  • 8 round friend tiles
  • 8 square friend tiles
  • 10 cloud crystals
  • 1 set of instructions
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