We Need to Talk

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Stage Ridiculous Interventions about Nonsensical Problems

Caring friends and family have all gathered “because they LOVE you”. That’s how it always starts. That’s when you suddenly realize there’s a problem – and it’s YOU. You’re shocked and clueless, which is why your loved ones have taken it upon themselves to carefully broach the subject. Naturally, no one wants to just come right out and say it. So they keep hinting at it, hoping you’ll catch on eventually. But will you? Or will this Intervention fail?

Players take turns staging interventions about ridiculous problems – and must guess their issue from three rounds of oblique clues: Broaching the Subject, The Emotional Appeal and finally, Suggesting a Solution. THE INTERVENED gets more points for guessing correctly, sooner than later, while CONCERNED FRIENDS (everyone else) gain points for giving “good” clues, but not so good that they give it away and lose their points. However, if THE INTERVENED player cannot guess by the end, the intervention fails and no one gets any points at all.

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