WHAoS Seraphon Saurus Warriors

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Brutal reptilians that shred the foes with their fangs and claws just as readily as they deploy their gleaming celestite maces, Saurus Warriors display a savagery matched only by their unwavering loyalty. Their sinister growls reverberate across the battlefield as they unleash a ferocious assault; when a command to attack is given, Saurus Warriors focus upon that command with no hesitation or mercy. They are an unstoppable wall of fury, a living weapon of the slann poised to tear out the throat of anything that stands in their way.

This multi-part plastic kit contains enough components to assemble twenty Saurus Warriors, clutching celestite clubs or celestite spears. Whichever weapon is chosen, they also wield stardrake shields. One miniature can be assembled as an Alpha Talon, and one miniature can carry a stardrake icon, affecting nearby enemy units negatively. Yet another miniature can carry wardrums, and there are many variations in head and shield options - your Saurus Warriors will be as unique as you wish! Supplied with twenty Citadel 32mm Round bases.

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